Vedic Maths

vedic-mathsASCENTO VEDIC MATHS is a very beneficial program for the students of the age group of 11-35 years. This program is the easiest way to learn the fastest calculations. Some students think mathematics as a very tedious and difficult subject as mathematics need very much of good practice for long calculations. This difficulty is not only faced by the school studying students but also by the college students, teachers and many of the parents. This method is very useful for improving calculations and clearing school exams, bank exams, P.O. exams, CAT and MBA exams and all the other competitive exams.

This program was introduced in India by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj in the early decades of the 20th century. And later the new generation of young and experienced teachers and individuals enhanced this program and have made it more easier to study.
• Vedic Maths is derived from the word Veda, which provides the people easiest and fastest way for improving their calculations for their daily life.
• Vedic Mathematics Converts a tedious subject into a playful and blissful one which students learn with smiles.
• Vedic Mathematics offers a new and entirely different approach to the study of mathematics based on pattern recognition.It allows for constant expression of a student’s creativity, and is       found to be easier to learn.
• In this system, for any problem, there is always one general technique applicable to all cases and also a number of special pattern problems.The element of choice and flexibility at each stage   keeps the mind lively and alert to develop clarity of thought and intuition, and thereby a holistic development of the human brain automatically takes place.
• Vedic Mathematics with its special features has the inbuilt potential to solve the psychological problem of mathematics – anxiety
• This program of vedic mathematics consist of the sūtras (formulae or aphorisms) and Subsūtras or corollaries.