Our Vision

Why exercise one side of the brain when you can stimulate both simultaneously? ASCENTO ABACUS is the pioneer in the Two-hand, Four-finger methodology that has upped the benefits of abacus mental arithmetic to a whole new level. Our advanced abacus based programme and brain Gym learning combine the best of an age-old skill with the advancement of technology. At ASCENTO, we are a different ball game altogether. We are here to Create Great Minds. Read more………

Our mission

At ASCENTO Our mission is to create great minds. We aim to foster the accelerated learning of the two hand system of Advance abacus arithmetic mental oral Arithmetic and Brain Gym practice with passion and to empower out students with mental, physical and spiritual energy for challenges in life.

The Ascento Values

To educate with passion
To service with a smile
To demonstrate professionalism
To enhance quality learning
To boost efficient learning
To creat a vibran learning environment

Our Teaching Philosophy

To increase one’s intelligence
To induce one’s potential
To train one’s concentration
To build up one’s flexibility